About Me…

My name is Monica, and I am a happily married mom of three children. With the encouragement of my kids, husband, and friends, I’ve decided to create this blog.

I have been studying the Bible, and teaching Biblical principles to my family, for over 15 years. Similar to the way seasons change, so too my children were changing.  To keep the teaching relevant, I had to adjust the way I presented the Bible.

When my children were preschool age, we would sing Bible verses to the tune of common nursery rhyme songs, like Mary Had a Little Lamb and Row, Row, Row Your Boat.  When my children were between 3-5 years old, we began reading The Beginner’s Bible. When they went to elementary school, we moved up to the Picture Bible (comic book style), and the Children’s Bible that I had growing up. Then in junior high, each of the children had their own Bible. Everyday they learned more and more about God, His ways, His love, and His desire to guide us.

To supplement our Bible reading times, done around the dinner table, we would listen to engaging Bible-based radio programs such as, Focus on the Family’s – Adventures in Odyssey and Paws and Tails –  presented by Chuck Swindoll. The radio programs demonstrated Biblical principles lived out in the everyday lives of its characters. Throughout this time and presently, I would read my Bible, get together with my friend and Bible teacher, listen to Christian talk radio, and read books on many subjects written by Christian and non-Christian authors.

As my children grew older, becoming involved in extracurricular activities, and my oldest heading off to college, I was at a loss as to how I would be able to continue to teach them God’s Word.  To teach them that no matter how old they are, how many changes occurred in their culture, in their relationships, and wherever life would take them, that God promises to be right there with them, guiding, and directing them.

That is when the idea of melding 21st century technology with the Bible, written over 3500 years ago, came to mind.  I could send daily emails to my family, sharing Life Guidance Through the Books of the Bible.

Now, over a year has passed, and my family suggested that other people may also benefit from learning about God and His guidance.  What better way to share practical Biblical guidance than via the internet.  And so it seems that we’ve moved into yet another season of life. And with it the creation of this blog.

Deepening our relationship with God is a marathon, not a sprint.  My family is proof of that as you’ve read above. So come along with us, as we journey through life with God and His Word.

I hope this blog will be an ever-present blessing,


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