Are Angels and God the Same Thing??? – ANGELS [3]

My God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.  – Philippians 4:19


Angel followers??

Back in the 1960’s a New Age movement began calling itself, “the Age of Aquarius”.  Along with this movement came angel followers. The leaders of the movement led people to believe that angels could see all , hear all, and know all.

Ummm, do those characteristics that sound familiar to you?  Perhaps, similar to all powerful (omnipotent), all present (omnipresent), all knowing (omniscience)?

Perhaps they sound like characteristics used to describe God?

So the New Age Movement was basically saying that angels were God???

The angels of the Age of Aquarius were thought to be either messengers of God, or spirits of deceased humans who could impart learning and understanding from “the other side” on us “earthlings”.  They watch over every aspect of our lives, and death, everything. They loved us. Ummm…

Does this sound just a little bit too good to be true?  Maybe so, but is sure sounds appealing.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone did love you that much?  Watched over you.  Cared about every aspect of your life.  That nothing was too big or too small for them to deal with.



In fact, they would welcome the opportunity to help you.  They would want to communicate all their knowledge freely to you, no strings attached.  They would be willing to guide, protect, and direct you. That they would give you a “guide-book” to help you navigate through life as an “earthling”.


If you were thinking as you read, “Hey, we do have someone who promises to do all those things”.  You’re correct, we do.  But it’s not angels, it’s GOD, the creator of everything, including angels.

Keep in mind, that the “created” will never see more, hear more, or know more than the one who created it

So are angels real, or are just another made-up human idea seeking to fill the void God has put in hearts each one of us?


As you may know, angels (and demons) are mentioned in the Bible, and it is from this source that we will be learning about them.  Not from unstable, unfounded speculation or superstitions, but from the stable and trusted Word of God.


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