Response to Reader’s Comment – “I Just Wanna Be Happy!!!” – (Part 1)




Monica thank you for the great post! I absolutely believe that happiness and peace are possible for everyone regardless of their various situations. In high school I used to think, “I’ll be happy when my skin clears up. I’ll be happy when I make the Volleyball team. I’ll be happy when I get my braces off. Now…I’ll be happy when I lose my baby weight :)Etc” I was waiting for life to provide me happiness. What I had to learn is that I have the opportunity to chose be happy today. All people experience challenges, sadness, and disappointments in this life, but we don’t have to be consumed by our hardships; we can move toward peace (And yes, I know it is easier said than done, but that is why we have our Savior to help heal our wounds and hurts). I have learned from inspiring individuals who have made peace with their challenges and live with joy amid adversity. A great medicine that works for me is to serve others in a meaningful way. When we focus our attention on helping others we are accompanied by the Holy spirit, whose comfort is true peace.


Thanks for your thoughtful comment 🙂

Did you take a peek at “I Just Wanna Be Happy!!!” – (Part 2)?, because your comment –

“A great medicine that works for me is to serve others in a meaningful way. When we focus our attention on helping others… “

is just the prescription the Great Physician, Jehovah – Rapha: The Lord Who Heals, prescribes 🙂

Your “cure” for happiness, I’d suspect, is not so different from what we’ve all tried in an attempt to achieve the elusive “HAPPY” feeling.  For me personally, there are almost too many times to count, when I’ve allowed my “cures” for happiness to the direct my responses and reactions, with less than desirable results.

The key for me, and probably others who can relate to your comment, is to apply what I’ve learned, and practice what I preach.
I must just listen to God’s word. I must do what it says. Otherwise, I am only fooling myself. – James 1:22

Until the Lord Jesus Christ returns, I continue to be a work-in-progress 🙂

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